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Recently highlighted on the U.S. Department of Energy website, QwikSEER+® is the affordable solution to enhancing A/C or heat pump systems, Typically Saving homeowners 10% or more on annual operating costs! Plus QwikSEER+® can improve the the humidity removal rate by 566%!!!

QwikSEER+ WattSaver® was recently highlighted on the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) website.

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Here's how it works...

QwikSEER+® is an innovative and cost effective electronic control that operates in the cooling mode of an existing air conditioner or heat pump. By varying the airflow of the blower motor, QwikSEER+ WattSaver® provides the best balance of airflow for the conditions in the home. By modulating airflow, the total power draw of the system is reduced. This enhances system performance while providing energy savings and helps lower the high humidity level in the structure to provide improved comfort.

The benefits of variable blower airflow is well known, for example; According to Carrier's website (

"When it comes to saving on your energy dollars, moving cool air inside your home with a variable-speed fan coil can make a surprising difference. You can gain up to 2 SEER rating points on your air conditioner or heat pump efficiency."

What does this all mean?

QwikSEER+® will save homeowners 10% or more on their annual operating costs and improved comfort from the "Dog Days of Summer". Some Deluxe Systems can provide these savings but typically cost many thousands of dollars more than a standard system.

Compatible with most A/C and Heat Pump Systems

X-13 motor Replacements

The X-13 motor is more expensive than a simple low-cost PSC motor, and the X-13 motor does not provide variable blower airflow. Replacing a blown X-13 motor with

QwikSEER+® and a PSC motor provides the additional benefits of variable speed blower operation while reducing repair costs.

Fast Installation

Because of the QwikSEER+®'s exclusive "plug & play" design, you won't need to change any of the system controls or the current thermostats. QwikSEER+® handles everything automatically and is totally compatible with your existing system. Click the "Instructions" Tab for installation details.

Install QwikSEER? QwikSEER+WattSaver® Installation Tutorial
Step-by-Step instructions for installing QwikSEER+WattSaver® in the field...

QwikSEER+WattSaver™ Installation Instructions

for 90VACto 240VAC (1-phase) Permanent-split Capacitor (PSC) Motors Only / 16A Maximum FLA

Printable Instruction Manual


This product is only intended for use with PSC blower motors. Do not use with any variety of logic-controlled or speed-modulating blower motors (PCM, ECM, variable-speed, etc.). If installed to any such system, immediate and irreversible damage could result.


To prevent death, injury, or property damage, read and follow all instructions and warnings, including labels shipped with or attached to unit.


Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service maintenance, or use can cause explosion, fire, electrical shock, or other conditions that could cause personal injury or property damage. For use by qualified technicians only.

  1. Verify a PSC blower motor is used.
  2. Step 1
  3. Disconnect the Power Load.
  4. Identify a good mounting location with sufficient clearance. Use the supplied self-drilling sheet metal screws to attach the mounting bracket.
  5. Step 3
  6. Move the common wire from the blower motor to the COM L1 terminal on the QwikSEER+ board.
  7. Step 4 exclamation

    If the blower motor uses wires rather than spade terminals, use the supplied spade terminals to attach the wire to the QwikSEER+ board.
    Be sure to support the board when connecting wires to the terminals.

  8. Move the remaining power lead from the blower motor to the COOL L2 terminal on the QwikSEER+ board.
  9. Step 5 exclamation

    If the blower motor uses wires rather than spade terminals, use the supplied spade terminals to attach the wire to the QwikSEER+ board.
    If there are separate wires for heat and cool modes, only move the cool mode wire.

  10. Using the wires supplied, connect the output terminals on the QwikSEER+ board to the corresponding common and speed terminals on the blower motor.
  11. Step 6

    If the blower motor uses wires rather than spade terminals, use the supplied wire nuts to splice the supplied wires to the blower wires.
    If there is a separate heat mode wire, use the supplied terminal splitter or wire nut to connect both the QwikSEER+ output wire and heat mode fan- speed wire.
    If the blower motor has more than three speeds, use the highest, lowest, and one of the mid-range speeds.
    If the motor has two speeds, connect both the medium- and low-speed wires from the QwikSEER+ board to the low-speed tap.


    WARNING: Do Not Jump the Motor Windings!

  12. Attach the QwikSEER+ board to its mounting bracket.
  13. Step 7

    Align the QwikSEER+ board so that the side labeled BRACKET SIDE is adjacent to the bracket.
    Secure the QwikSEER+ to the bracket using the supplied plastic clips.
    Press the clips through the bracket holes until the clips snap in place.

  14. Using the ground wire and screw supplied, connect the GND terminal to a suitable chassis ground.
  15. Step 8
  16. Attach the thermistor to an evaporator return bend near the coil inlet.
  17. Step 9 exclamation

    Route the thermistor wire to the evaporator, and using the supplied loop clamp, attach the thermistor to any return bend near the coil inlet.
    Secure the clamp using the supplied plastic ratchet rivet.
    For furnace systems, route the thermistor wire outside of the ignition chamber by drilling a 5/16" hole and using the supplied grommets.

  18. If equipped with the QT6001 QwikSEER+ humidity sensor, connect the sensor following the QT6001 installation instructions.
  19. Step 10
  20. Using the supplied tie wraps, bundle any excess wires to avoid interference with the blower.
  21. Reconnect power.

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram Schematic
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QwikSEER+ WattSaver®
Compatible Motor Types Permanent-Split Capacitor (PSC)
Input Voltage Range 90 - 240VAC
Maximum Steady-State Current 16 Amps
Maximum Blower Hp 3/4 Hp
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Fuse Rating 20 Amps Time Delay
Surge Supression 6,000 Amps, 100 Joules
Size / Dimensions 4.3" x 5.3"
Supported Accessories QT6001 QwikSEER+®
Humidity Sensor™
Instructional Video Product Data Sheet Printable Consumer Brochure Printable Instruction Manual
Printable Instruction Manual Printable Instruction Manual QT6000 White Paper
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