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Why we no longer make liquid flush

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No Liquid flush with a confused gorilla image

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We decided to discontinue the liquid version of our system flush and here’s why;

Problems with Liquid Flush

The patented formulation of Qwik System Flush® excels in absorbing and removing moisture from systems. However, this same characteristic presents a significant challenge. When stored in unpressurized containers, the liquid flush is prone to absorbing moisture from the air. This is not an issue when the product is used immediately after opening. However, over time an opened container or one stored for long periods can accumulate significant moisture, reducing the effectiveness of the remaining product.

Qwik System Flush® Solution

Our aerosol version of Qwik System Flush® (QT1100) avoids this issue entirely. The product in the pressurized aerosol can is never exposed to air until the flushing process is complete, ensuring it remains moisture-free and retains its effectiveness. Tests have shown that the aerosol version outperforms the liquid version significantly. The aerosol delivery system ensures better atomization and fresher application, making it a superior option for system cleaning.

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Effective and Economical

The Qwik System Flush® aerosol is not only more effective but also more economical. Since you only need to flush line sets or systems until the product exits clear, the aerosol version offers better value for your money. By discontinuing the inferior liquid product, we ensure that our customers receive the most effective and economical solutions for their system cleanup and line set cleaning needs.

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Note* The formula for both the liquid and aerosol flush is identical. For full test results see here