Mainstream Engineering Corporation is a solutions-oriented research, development and manufacturing business founded in 1986. Our Engineering Mission is to research and develop emerging technologies and to engineer these technologies into superior-quality military and private-sector products that provide a technological advantage. Areas of expertise include thermal control, energy conversion, turbomachinery, chemical-based technologies and nano-technology.

Mainstream began as a thermal-science R&D company solving NASA and DOD problems related to thermal control, replacement working fluids and advanced heat pump development. Today, while continuing to perform these R&D projects for NASA, DOD, DOE, DOT and DOC (NIST) applications, we have found a tremendous need for rapid, cost-effective engineering solutions in the commercial world. Mainstream has in-house facilities to transition an innovation from its initial laboratory proof-of-concept experiments to extensive field tests.

Our R&D innovations include:

  • High-speed, high-efficiency compressors and turbines for air, steam, refrigeration and other chemical process applications in terrestrial, airborne and space environments, including associated components such as bearings (magnetic, ceramic, fluid, etc.), motors and alternators
  • Spacecraft and space station thermal control systems and components
  • High heat flux cooling techniques, such as microchannel cooling and spray cooling for applications including high-power electronics and high-energy lasers
  • Working fluids for refrigeration, fire suppression and solvent applications
  • Modular, lightweight Environmental Control Units (MECU) for cooling and heating military shelters
  • Compact, lightweight and reliable electric generators and multi-fuel (diesel, JP-5, JP-8, kerosene) engines for portable power applications
  • Applied nanotube technology for thermal enhancement, batteries, ultra-capacitors, sensors and composites